13 July 2008

Antipodean Covers

Jive Talkin' by Spiderbait, from Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge (??) Comeback by Regurgitator, from Crush the Losers (Warner Brothers, 2000) This is a pure fun post, hatched late at night with many chuckles. We're focusing on Australian bands covering unlikely songs in an ironic manner... and I've come up with two prime examples. Let's start off with Spiderbait, a 3-man (OK, 2 man and 1 woman) band from NSW that can kick some serious ass with some industrial strength riffing. But here instead, we have Kram, the drummer and vocalist, singing a disco cover over a drum machine beat... gotta love it. And not to be out-roboted, we have Quan and Ben, aka Regurgitator, the current title holder of greatest band on Earth, weighing in with a track dripping with irony as always. This is from the band's EP dedicated to the Sydney Olympics entitled "Crush the Losers", and this particular song is a cover of an old 80s chestnut that I won't reveal here but I think you'll recognize.

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Drew said...

Hey Kris,
Good look with the blog-- saw it on Matt Forbeck's blog earlier today and look forward to listening regularly.
Drew Bittner