30 August 2008


The Youth by MGMT, from Oracular Spectacular ( Red Ink/Columbia, 2008 ) The Ending of an Era by Midnight Juggernauts, from Dystopia (Siberia, 2007) Lest you think I only look backward, here's a taste of what's happening now. If you've talked to me lately it's a good chance you know how crazy I've gone over the MGMT CD. Hell, it caused us to trek out to the desert of Almeria to see them play a show a few weeks ago. Such a glorious mish-mash this disc is, with killer hooks everywhere. I'm going to dig a bit deeper than the big 3 songs (Time to Pretend, Electric Feel, Kids) and go with The Youth, a song that starts killer and stays that way throughout. This album's such a mixed-bag but hits on all cylinders success that I have a hard time seeing how they will ever equal it. And from Brooklyn we go down under, to Melbourne's Midnight Juggernauts. Shout out to Michael Geisler for suggesting these guys to me as the "Australian MGMT". A fair characterization, especially in their ability to conjure up a catchy party vibe, like in the track showcased here. And they're a two-man band like MGMT as well. There's not as much variety in their album as the Brooklyn boys', but you could say that about 99.9% of all albums anyway. These guys are still bubbling under, so watch out for them in the future.

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