28 November 2008

Ignore if Australian...

Anatomically Correct by Custard, from We Have the Technology (rooArt/BMG International, 1997) Pinball Lez by Custard, from We Have the Technology (rooArt/BMG International, 1997) Gomek back again with a one-band focus. If you´re from the Lucky Country, you know these guys already, but if not, then yer in for a treat. This is Custard, a Brisbane band that sadly is no more but left us with a ton of tasty treats. While certainly influenced by Pavement, they are sufficiently warped by the antipodean double-whammy of distance and too-strong-sun to result in something else entirely... Why not start with "Anatomically Correct", a song that´s already great from the title before a note is struck? And it contians the perfect segue lyric "....and his family pinball begins to reset..." which leads me to... "Pinball Lez", my favorite-ever Custard song. This is pure pop heaven, and with lyrics like ¨oh Lez come home, the cops will understand everything...¨you know there´s a lot more going on than meets the eyes. Exploration of the Custard discograpy is highly recommended... there are gems scattered everywhere. Their music serves much better than my words.

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