17 September 2009

¡Gomekxx Bodymix!

To celebrate the arrival of our stuff from España... and most relevant to this forum, my hard drive with all my music on it... I'm debuting a whole new format. So far we've had the regular Soundbombing post and the Gomek Podcast. Now, it's time for...
....the GOMEKXX! What is a "Gomekxx" you say? It's a simple mix of songs on a certain subject (Gomek + Mix = Gomekxx. The double x is cuz it's double cheesy).
It's like a Gomek Podcast without my dulcet tones added to the mix. An improvement you say? Shut your mouth. A way of giving a fancy name to something that just means you're too lazy to put a full podcast together? Well, you got me there...
The initial installment of this earth-shaking innovation is the Gomekxx Bodymix. I threw together a slate of songs that all had a part of the body in their title... this resulted in a truly random selection, a genre-busting journey one might say. To make things more interesting I also adhered to the strict rule that the tracks would go in order from top to bottom.
This resulted in several weird phenomena, listed Larry King Style: ...longest streak of one country is Australia, with tracks 2 through 5 representing; ...the swinging jazz of "In Your Arms" falling between the rockin´"Big Mouth" and punishing "Chest Hair"; ...the absolutely unmixable transition from "Flatfoot Hustling" to "Head to Toe", making me have to put some Gomek theme music in there...
So I'll have new goodies very soon, but until then feast on the GOMEKXX BODYMIX!
Cut Your Hair : Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Bong in My Eye : Regurgitator - Bong in My Eye
Big Mouth : Big Heavy Stuff - Shock Records 13th Anniversary Collection
In Your Arms : Papa Lips - High Time Now
Chest Hair : Spiderbait - Ivy & the Big Apples
Funky Belly : Mighty Imperials - Thunder Chicken
Every Knee Shall Bow : U-Roy & King Tubby
Legs : Darondo - Let My People Go
Flat Foot Hustling : Dillinger - Ultimate Collection
Head to Toe : the Breeders - Head to Toe
Box/Touch My Body : Cooly's Hot-Jazztronik Presents Jazztronica!
Total Time: 68.41
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Listen Online here:

1 comment:

Dave said...

CRAZY mix, but quintessential Kris!

And damn--I haven't heard Spiderbait in, like, 12 years?

But it brings me back to some great times in that office doing... uh... well... nothing, really.