29 January 2009

Pure Insanity

Today´s subject: music by the apparently insane. There are some songs you hear that you call unusual, some strange, some downright bat-shit weird... then there ones like these, ones that convince you the artists that made them are several checkers short of a full set. First off is a hunk of early style boogie-woogie rockabilly from Hasil Adkins... except here the subject matter is decapitation and hot dogs, and much of the verse consists of a manic and not-a-little-creepy laugh. Hasil was a confirmed lunatic who labored in obscurity in West Virgina for most of his life. Maybe it was safer that way. No More Hot Dogs by Hasil Adkins, from Chicken Walk (Buffalo Bop, 1986) Next up is perhaps the wackier of the two, with the music as weird as the lyrics. At least the Adkins track is scored in a traditional matter, but this one sounds just like something you´d here by a motley group of dirt-streaked buskers in a piss-smelling city underpass. I must note that opinions expressed here do not reflect that of Gomek, as the world of Soundbombing is ALWAYS ALL-INCLUSIVE. That kind of thinking just proves how insane this guy really is. But you have to enjoy the craziness. Hello Lucille, Are You a Lesbian? by T. Valentine from Hello Lucille, Are You a Lesbian? (Norton, 2000)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot 'Astronomy Domine' by Syd Barrett- he WAS actually insane!