12 January 2009

Truca barata

If you watch this space regularly you know that, for the most part, my musical loves are rhythmically based. But there is room for riffing too, as evidenced by my love for Weezer and the Foo Fighters. In a similar vein, I´ve just scratched a very strange musical itch of mine... so strange I had to share. I hadn´t gone looking for music for a few weeks because of the Christmas trip-slash-season, and once I had settled back here I tried to think waaaay back to things I´d had as a kid and should check out again. And that led me to Akron, Ohio... that´s right, Cheap Trick. As Mike Damone said, "Can you honestly tell me you forgot... forgot the magnetism of Robin Zander, or the charisma of Rick Nielsen?" You gonna argue with Damone, Ratner? I grabbed the first three albums from ´77-´78. I´d owned one of them back then, but even that one was buried so far back it was almost lost. But when I was listening again it all came back to me. Make no mistake, there´s plenty of prog-rock yucky-ness mixed with the punk/new wave stuff-the result is, I guess, a sort of glam-but I was able to cobble together a nice little time-capsule comp combining the three. Here´s the top two that I´ve been spinning, not surprisingly from the one I remember from my youth, In Color. You´ve all heard Surrender and I Want You to Want Me, so let´s dig a bit deeper. Love the slow build up on this one before it bursts forth... Downed by Cheap Trick, from In Color (Epic, 1977) Killer chorus, nice verse that even has echos of ´50s stuff in it... Come On, Come On by Cheap Trick, from In Color (Epic, 1977)

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Anonymous said...

Love it! And excellent movie reference.:)