09 May 2009

'Cause Obits are better heard than read....

After a furious flurry of posts, life and work conspired to slow me down... but no fear, I'm planning an epic, multi-part "Journey Through Africa" Soundbombing that will blow your mind.
But first I wanted to share my favorite new find of the last few months... OBITS! They feature Rick Froberg, who used to be in Hot Snakes with the almighty Swami, greatest DJ on Earth. Obits' sound draws heavily on all the classics of the garage scene... Stooges, MC5, the Saints, and especially Radio Birdman. In other words, there was no way I wasn't going to love this band.
This one's from their first release, and is the standout even among a group of very strong tracks...
Light Sweet Crude by Obits, from I Blame You (Sub Pop, 2009)
For this next one, you're going to have to forgive the SLSQ (severely limited sound quality)... but it's a historical document, since it came from the first ever Obits show, performed at Cake Shop in New York City, the band's adopted home. 
Talking to the Dog/Pine On by Obits, unreleased, from 1st show at Cake Shop, NYC, 1/12/08
Hope these primal cave grooves whet your appetite for more, and Gomek will return soon!

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