28 March 2009

Gomek Makasound Podcast

This all-reggae podcast is the result of a great recent purchase... 12 CDs from the outstanding French label MAKASOUND. This label specializes in rare, and rarely heard, roots reggae–and they come up with some truly amazing finds. I sat on the CDs for more than a month while the songs sunk in so I could really present the best. The results are here.

All the albums are good, with the Slickers' and Hugh Mundell's offerings off-the-charts amazing.

Remember, just click on the links below to get to the download screen. You can either listen online or download for later listening. Grab them and... ENJOY!
Give Us a Break by the Slickers, from Break Through
Break Outs by Carl Harvey, from Ecstasy of Mankind
Judgment by Knowledge, from Straight Outta Trenchtown
Money Barrier (7" Horns Version) by Leroy Brown, from Color Barrier
Old Time Religion by Mikey Ras Starr, from Fire & Rain
Rastafari Tradition by Hugh Mundell, from The Blessed Youth
Safe Sail by Trinity, from Rub-a-Dub Soldiers
Sata (version 1) by the Mighty Threes, from Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand
Tribal War by Black Roots, from Black Roots in Session
Your Mind by Delroy Williams, from I Stand Black
Grab it HERE.

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