17 March 2009


Time to get schmooooovve, with some super slinky sexy soul. First off is James Brown-lookalike Lee Fields, a funkateer from the ´70s that got a new lease on life with the increased interest in vintage funk & soul that occurred in the ´90s. He found a home at Sharon Jones' excellent home label Daptone before moving on to Soul Fire to cut this sticky sweet soul track to start the new millennium off right!
Honey Dove by Lee Fields & the Expressions, from Problems (Soul Fire, 2002)
Once known only in the Bay Area and amongst dedicated crate-diggers, Darondo is finally getting his props. He recorded a smattering of material around 1970, but then left the music scene for pursuits as varied as being an electrician, pimp, and bumming around Fiji. But thanks to the reissue-mania phenomenon that's benefitting so many music lovers like myself, his small but sweet output was finally gathered by Ubiquity Records offshoot Luv 'N Haight three years ago. It's mostly uptempo funk, but it also includes this oh-so-sweet tune that's all but impossible to resist. So don't. 
Didn't I by Darondo, from Let My People Go (Luv 'n Haight, 2006)
BTW, this is an anniversary of sorts: Soundbombing's 25th post! Hope you've enjoyed the ride so far and I plan on keeping this going for a long time to come. 
Lastly, a shout out to MemorySuppliers.com, home of super cheap computer memory that's going to have my iMac screaming along at high speeds soon, so I'll be able to pump out the audioblogs and podcasts even more frequently. Seriously, they have some great deals, so check them out.

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