07 March 2009

One More Cover

I wanted to include this one in my Gomek Covers Podcasts (see post immediately below), but for whatever reason, the MP3 was strangely resistant to Garageband, so I´m posting it here instead... Paul Kelly is a legend in Australia, a singer-songwriter that mostly mines the folky and even country side of music to tell his stories. He´s even got a few songs where he sings from a female perspective... so maybe it´s not so strange that he´d choose to cover Prince. No, wait... it´s still strange. 
Little Red Corvette by Paul Kelly
And just 'cause it´d be a shame to post only one song, here´s another... say Yee-Haw!
Dukes of Hazzard Theme by Weezer

1 comment:

Pat Recker said...

I really liked Paul Kelly's folksy, Dylanesque Prince tune. He made it sound almost.....sad???
You could tell Weezer was just having fun on the Dukes song. That's about all I want to hear on the country circuit.