01 March 2009

Gomek Covers Podcast Part 1 & 2

To quote Everlast, "just like the Prodigal Son I´ve returned!", with TWO brand new Gomek Podcasts... the first since October. No excuse except I´ve had too much fun audioblogging, but it was nice to get back in the recording booth and crank these out. My inspiration was Malia, who said she missed hearing my voice on the stereo.
I´ve also hopefully simplified the process of getting them... now you just have to click on the links below to get to the download screen. You can either listen online or download by choosing the "download original" option on the right. Grab them and... ENJOY!
Here´s the complete tracklistings for both shows...
Police & Thieves - the Clash (original by Junior Murvin)
Lee Remick - the Meanies (o. the Go-Betweens)
More Than a Feeling - Sleater-Kinney (o. Boston)
My Girl - Spiderbait (o. Hoodoo Gurus)
Venus-the Riptides (o. Shocking Blue)
Uptown Girl - Weezer (o. Billy Joel)
War Pigs - Cake (o. Black Sabbath)
Pretty Flamingo - Paul Weller (o. Manfred Mann)
What Goes On - Bryan Ferry (o. Velvet Underground)
Download Part 1 HERE
River Deep, Mountain High - the Saints (o. Ike & Tina Turner)
Search & Destroy - You Am I (o. Iggy & the Stooges)
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - Neil Finn (o. the Smiths)
Crazy - the Kooks (o. Gnarls Barkley)
Stairway to Heaven - Rock Lobster (o. Led Zeppelin)
Safety Dance - Dandiwind (o. Men Without Hats)
Let´s Get It On - Lloyd Charmers (o. Marvin Gaye)
Satisfaccion - Modern Art Studio (o. Rolling Stones)
Download Part 2 HERE.  


Pat Recker said...

Podcast 1- Mom's comments
1. The Clash- liked the song, didn't like their cover, "Oh, Yeah!"
2. Meanies- like the early bobble-head Brit 60's sound. Reminded me of that-- "the night they tore down the Pally" song.
3. Slater Kinney- a bit too weird for me- who was that horrible singer?
4.Spiderbait- left me...well, it didn't stand out.
5. Riptides- kudos for the Riptides on Venus. I liked their version better than the original! Want more ex. of their music!
6. Weezer- Billy Joel on speed. At least the lead singer could..sing!
7. Paul Weller? Cake?- singer went flat a few times- turned me off.
8. Last one was my favorite of them ALL-( along with Paul Kelly's) Was that by Bryan Ferry or Roxie Music? What a great dancing tune!
That's my critique for now! Will listen to Podcast 2 tomorrow.
Remember- the Amie Pashtal is the best. The Momster

Dave said...

OMG. More Than a Feeling. Sleater-Kinney. I think I ruined my jeans.

Dave said...

Riptides = teh rock. Love these guys. Like Pat, need more.

Dave said...

Okay... John McCrea could be a poor man's Ozzy on this track. Band is tight, too. But Faith No More did a STELLAR cover of War Pigs on "The Real Thing", that I think outshines CAKE on this one. (my $0.02)